Guitar Bo' - Let the music heal your soul

Heavy Love

Alberto Toffoli is the Piave's guitar. No other is able into music the sound of this river; no one else can hand down the blues of the flowing water and the lives that live by as he does.

Alberto's Blues is the scream of the river and in order to fully understand this cry, this passion, this relationship between man and environment and to be able to transform than into music, Alberto has traveled around the world treasuring who has meet and what he has known: Houston, Austin, Chicago, Brussels; every city has taught him something.
It's more than 20 years that Alberto plays his guitar, spreading his blues all ove; totally self-taught, he began to combine his first chords at age16 and by that time not a day has past without playing and writing songs.

"Heavy Love" is his new album; the result of years of sacrifices, renounces, love, tears and smiles: a mix of blues, soul, r&b, pop, rock... exactly as GuitarBo's Blues is.