Guitar Bo' - Let the music heal your soul

Movin up

"Movin up move your ass, you’re alive
movin up move your legs, you have survived..."

Heavy love

"...Heavy love, loose your mind don't look back go straight ahead
Heavy love, destroys your glass half  full, half empty, make your choice..."

Don't talk Just do It!

"Sometimes people make mistakes sometimes
Sometimes problems  spin around your head..."

Stay awhile for me

"...hey baby in blues stop for a moonshine
hey woman in blues stay   awhile for me
one hour one day babe , just stay awhile for me..."

"...There are no words to describe the light filtering through the curtains in your room as a child.  There is no a specific word to describe certain silences during some trips in a car at night, or to say how much you love the smile of your wife when you are trying to tease her.  Yet feelings are real, even more real because you cannot put them into words.  The music allows the musician to instantly communicate the precise feeling of a life experience; on the other hand, the sincere revelation causes the listener to share the same experience...."

"Moving to Higher Ground:  How Jazz Can Change Your Life"

Wynton Marsalis


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